Digital marketing agencies promises to generate more leads and brand awareness. They use different tools and strategies to provide the best digital marketing services. However, reporting and justifying expenses is a big headache for almost all marketers as they don’t sure about the success of the marketing plan at start. A good marketing report satisfies the customers and convince them to release more funds for the marketing purpose and pay you higher.

A great marketing report can prove very useful to yield expected results and you can tweak the campaign later on to make it more efficient. Here are some ways to create a great report.

  1. Don’t Omit Reporting in Your Strategy

You have a digital marketing agency and you want to be the best, then never forget reporting in your strategy. Reporting not only helps you to get more customers, but also develops customers trust on your digital marketing services. Include reporting tools cost from the beginning of the strategy so you can deliver measurable results and don’t have face any difficulty later on.

  1. Don’t Rely on Vanity Metrics

Facebook likes and Twitter followers are known as vanity metrics as they make your feel good about your marketing strategy. Don’t rely on them too much as the actual thing is how many followers are your customers. No doubt, they are important and without these metrics you can’t claim to be a successful marketer, but focus on ROI instead of boasting on just likes and shares.

  1. Use Data to Empower Sale

Previous data can play a great role in initiating a new marketing strategy. For example, your digital marketing agency have successfully completed ten projects in a year then include it in your marketing report so customer doesn’t hesitate to rely on you. Likewise, interpret previous data to generate valuable information from it.

  1. Check Marketing Reports Weekly or Monthly

To provide a great monthly marketing report, check weekly reports and correct the mistakes present in them. See how you can make marketing more efficient and include stats in your report. Don’t worry if the recent report isn’t as satisfactory as it was in the last time as digital marketing field keeps changing you also have to revamp your strategy according to it. Always prepare yourself for the meeting with customer and give a logical answer to every question.


Why Is Marketing Report Important to Improve ROI?

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