China is coming online big time and 100s of millions of individuals will be selling their wares online to everyone. Many Chinese students and up and coming entrepreneurs realize that “English” is the business language around the world and soon there will be more English Speaking Chinese than the total population of the United States and that could happen within the next 4 to 5 years.

Local Chinese Business Intelligence companies are generating most money from system integration and product sales, and local system integration companies have captured half of the system integration market of financial and telecommunication sectors. Local Company Intelligence product developers have achieved significant progress in 2007, especially Marketing in China from Sunnet and Runqian. Although product developers have successfully upgraded their core technologies, the real key for their sales achievements last year still depends on the cooperative partnerships with downstream integrators and distributors.

Industry growth

The Company Intelligence markets of financial, telecommunication and insurance industries had all experienced 20% roughly growth rates in 2007, while 30%-plus growth rates were seen in energy, manufacturing and government sectors. The environment for implementing corporate-scale Business Intelligence systems is starting to become sophisticated in large companies, so that it remains an essential part from the whole Business Intelligence market of China for the upcoming three years. Medium size companies would be the major growth spot within the Chinese Business Intelligence market, as this segment will likely be in a development phase within the next three years. Business Intelligence systems for small companies continue to be in an early stage, and it is supposed to be maturing in five years’ time. Overall, need for Business Intelligence products in China will enter a fast growing phase within the next five-years, with an estimated 5 billion yuan value, and then another 3 years of post-maturity extension period.

Business Intelligence softwares can be more independently implemented in large Chinese companies, while Business Intelligence capabilities in small and medium enterprises may still need to rely on management softwares like ERP and CRM. Therefore, it really is expected that you will see a lot more Business Intelligence products being embedded into ERP and CRM management softwares as complementary capabilities. But for a long time, Business Intelligence developers in China should pay more attention to operative Business Intelligence products.

Which means that websites that are in English and based in China will likely be entering the eCommerce Space. This too means more Chinese is going to be looking for folks to assist them build content and write online articles for informational marketing purposes; Mobile Marketing in China. Should a web marketer in China hire a US Based writer to help them prepare their content?

After considering this question; I’d say no because US writers will struggle to compete or care to for that price. Recently, a start-up entrepreneur from that nation asked a writer of articles when they will have a discount. The reply was simply No, the reason why was which they could not provide a discount because the material was not one of many writer’s main expertise’s and it would thus, require a lot more work than other potential subjects that they were amply trained in, or could write through the “surface of their head” (meaning literally writing directly from thought).

As a writer this made sense in my opinion and that i see that will not be a great fit. I was thinking that pricing in the united states would not be “cost effective” for needs; this is the reason I would suggest other writers including those from India to help nlvtzy up-start Chinese Entrepreneurs. Most of these people who write articles in India do so for $4 (US Dollars) and since many only make 2-4 US Dollars daily, they spend all day performing it perfect and sub contract with friends to create as well.

So, Market in China might get volume and affordable by contracting in India, however, not in the US. Since many of us are in a Global Market, a business person “must” get the very best price when they are to obtain the most sum of money. Please consider this.

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